Welcome to the Rotary Club To End Human Trafficking

We meet via Zoom on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month at 7 AM US CT. 
Email President@endHTrotaryclub.org to request the meeting link.
Dear Rotarians,
Thank you for all your support, effort, and love for Rotary.  Every Rotary member makes a huge
difference in the club's success to reach new levels. 
When evaluating all that transpired over the last few months, how far our club has come, and how
Our club has managed to and will have to manage to stay on course.  I feel that, as Rotarians, we are
all called upon, as stated in our theme for this year, to “create hope in the world.”
You may ask yourself, “But how am I, in (fill in country name), going to achieve this?” One significant
way is to join a club like the Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking, a completely online club whose
Membership spans the globe. We can’t always be in the same place at the same time, but our club
Members adhere to the 4 priorities set forth by Rotary International:
1: As Rotarians, we must increase our impact.
People of action are effective problem-solvers. Why do Rotarians achieve so much? We invest in
relationships. We make decisions grounded in evidence. We know how to mobilize our networks to
create solutions that last. And we’re always learning from our experiences in projects, clubs, and
2: As Rotarians, we must expand our reach.
People of action activate and inspire others, giving them hope that the world can change for the
better—and that they can be part of that change. We know there are many people seeking both a
greater sense of purpose and the kind of person-to-person involvement the digital realm can’t
provide. We have what it takes to be their first choice.
3: As Rotarians, let’s enhance participation.
People of action strive to understand the needs of others. Rotary is a great organization because
We create meaningful relationships across decades and continents. But just like the people and
communities we serve; our participants need to feel seen and heard.
4: As Rotarians, we must increase our ability to adapt.
People of action are inventive, entrepreneurial, and resilient. We know what we stand for and why
it matters. We are driven by a sense of optimism—a belief that we are and will continue to be
essential to our communities, to the world, and to humanity.
Over the last year, our club has welcomed new members that have jumped in with both feet, helping
in so many ways. I truly appreciate the enthusiasm of all of our members, especially when it comes
to our fundraising and participation in our events. Each one of us brings our unique talents to the
table, please don’t hesitate to be involved and join a committee that interests you. Rotarians are
people of action, connecting the world. In my experience, the level of local and global networking
and mentorship is limitless. Wherever you travel, look for the Rotary logo and you will know you
have a friend in that town. If you are interested in serving our global community, please consider
joining our Rotary club.
Yours in Rotary,
Lisa Podolny
President 2023-2024
Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking
Happy New Year!
I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that 2024 is off to a good start.  Please join us on Monday, January, 22, 2024 at 7:00 pm ET for a great presentation by Cindee Sapoznik, founder and CEO of 2myplace; a non-profit focused on coaching teens based in Atlanta, GA. Cindee will present on the organization's work with teens impacted by human trafficking.  Her important work has helped many teens and the presentation is sure to be informative and fascinating.
Time: Jan 22, 2024 at 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 878 2378 4263
Passcode: 226401
In this role, Cindee teaches young adults the necessary life skills to become successful adults.  Cindee provides the tools of confidence, stress and anxiety management, communication and social media boundaries. She is committed to engaging young adults to focus on individual strengths, self-esteem and a clear path for their future. 2myPlace also offers business ethics including LinkedIn, resume building and interviewing skills. The goal is to give teens and young adults the guidance they need for successful communication.

Cindee’s previous roles have included volunteering at The Drake House, Every Woman Works, Wellspring Living, The City of Refuge, Fulton Community Charity, Roswell United Methodist Church Job Networking and The Hired Authority. She is a member of the Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking and sings in a Broadway chorus while visiting Assisted Living and Memory Care Centers in her spare time.

She lives in Roswell (GA) with her husband, Alberto and their two rescue boxers. She is the proud mom to two grown, fabulous sons, Eric and Brett. Her greatest happiness comes from helping others and bringing laughter and peace into our world.
Dear Rotarians,

In this season of thanks, I am grateful to have an opportunity on behalf of the Board to say thank
you to all of you – our members – who contribute to our efforts through our committees, programs
and projects, mentoring our branches, and attendance at events. We are so fortunate to work with
you to advance our shared goal of bringing people together to create lasting and positive change in
ourselves, in our communities, and across the globe.
Can you believe we are already six months into the Rotary year? It’s incredible what we have
accomplished so far, and I look forward to seeing where 2024 takes us. Here is a brief recap of
just some of what the club has accomplished in the first six months:
 Approved and moved forward with the set-up of the RCEHT West Africa Branch, which
meets in Ghana;
 Developing the RCEHT East Africa Branch, which will meet in South Sudan;
 Added a total of thirteen new full members and four new associate members;
 Developed the RCEHT Economic Development Program, currently in its Phase 1 Overview
 Approved two new endorsee organizations: Her Future Coalition and Lift the Vulnerable;
 Approved and funded a grant to support the Stop Human Trafficking Lending Library in
Chiangmai, Thailand;
 Stood up a PR committee and engaged with RCEHT member organizations to share our
club’s information in physical locations, such as at our District (5950) conference;
 Fundraised over $5,000 for our newly established RCEHT Foundation; and,
 Reviewed and updated our grant application process, membership engagement policy, and
scholarship process.
Thank you for your time and generosity over the last six months and your impact on our
local and global communities. I know our efforts and impact will only increase as we
move into the latter half of our Year of Action. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season, no matter
the specific holiday you celebrate. See you in 2024!
Yours in Rotary,
Lisa Podonly
Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking President, 2023-2024
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Jul 25, 2024
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