Welcome to the Rotary Club To End Human Trafficking

Are you an established professional who wants to make positive changes in your community and the world?  Our club members are dedicated people who share a passion for ending human trafficking / modern slavery.  Becoming a Rotarian connects you with a diverse group who share your drive to give back.

Where is our club headed?


The Board has spent a number of months making updates to our Strategic Plan which we will bring to the club for a vote in March. While we recommend that our primary focus remain the same:

  • Keep people from becoming trafficked
  • Team up with organizations who provide proven prevention programs and projects that we can replicate


We have added a couple of key items:

First, a focus on measurement and supporting organizations that make data-driven decisions. We specifically added a requirement that organizations we support measure the outcomes of their programs and not just measure outputs. These terms come from Result Oriented Logic Models which were originally introduced in 1983. The intent was to help organizations measure actual program results rather than just count tasks. So, as an example, the number of people who get and retain a job, not just the number of people who attend an employment class. If you want to learn more about Logic Models and the terms “outcomes” and “outputs” you can watch this and many other videos on YouTube. 


Next, we added a focus on economic development as a way to give those who might otherwise become trafficked options. We specifically added that “we will support the creation of economic development tools specifically designed for areas of the world where trafficking is endemic.” For those who went to our February 23 Rotary meeting you heard Michael Podolny talk about the research he, Erin Maloney and Colin Christensen have been conducting regarding the use of microloans to stabilize those in high risk areas around the world. The idea would be to create Rotary Satellite clubs in areas such as Ghana or Sudan and then set up microloans that would eventually self fund areas to provide options and stability to those living there. This article is what kicked the discussion off and we are excited about this becoming a possible project for the club.  

Decisions of this level do require club approval, so we will vote on the updates at the March 23 General Meeting. If you are interested in the high level discussions related to the club’s focus and direction then contact Lisa Podolny <lisa.podolny@gmail.com> about joining her Board in July. Leadership opportunities still exist and we welcome members to join us!

Moving intention into Action,

Michelle Seets

Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking President, 2022-2023



The Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking Foundation has activated a DONATE button located at the top of this website.  This button allows you to easily support the activities of the club and our foundation.  As the only global Rotary Club focused on Ending Human Trafficking, this club is uniquely positioned to partner with global organizations developing education and prevention programs and partner with Rotary clubs around the globe who are committed to ending human trafficking in their communities.
Our goal is to support 2-4 organizations in the next year which would require more than $10,000.  Giving is easy and any contribution is welcome.  Consider a donation of $100 or more.  There are also several companies that offer a match to your donation so consider that as well.  
The Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking is a registered 501c3 charitable organization the U.S.A. (EIN=87-0896985).  If you have questions, or wish to make a contribution please contact treasurer@endhtrotaryclub.org
Thais are taught from their earliest years to defer to those older and more entrenched in society than themselves.  I had not fully understood the truth of that statement until I had lived here for a few years.  After living here for 4 years I bought a house and the student who lived with me and I moved into my new home.  She turned down the opportunity to join Interact saying that she would be the newest member and not be allowed to do or say anything. 
Prior to that time, I was teaching as a contract teacher and there was a young teacher who had some solid ideas worthy of consideration.  I suggested that she share them at the staff meetings.  She said that she was the newest and youngest so couldn’t say anything.  In frustration, I went to the director and asked what the truth was.  His answer was that if she tried to do anything on her own, no one would help her.  Turning on my heel and muttering “how stupid”, I left his office. 
Why an article on collaboration?   Well it’s simple, TRAGAST has a huge dream; provide every child in Thailand and eventually the Mekong Region, with effective human trafficking prevention training.   We are working with a fantastic organization called  The Peace Culture Foundation.   Their founder, fearless leader and Rotary Peace Fellow is Dr. Sombat Tapanya.   When I have spoken with him about expanding the training beyond Chiang Mai, he always emphasizes that we will need to work with other organizations to get this done (Collaboration)!
In the world against Human Trafficking there are several types of efforts being done by various organizations.  For example:
a.  Restoration / Aftercare services are provided to survivors in need.
b.  Intervention / Rescue services are efforts to remove those trafficked from their captors.
c.  Prevention services include education and awareness and it is in this area where we work to achieve our amazing goal of providing prevention training to children.
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We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month at 7:00 AM Central Time. Contact President@endHTrotaryclub.org for the meeting link.
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