Good Intentions!


Good intentions aren’t enough to get anyone across the finish line. Although an important place to start, what is really needed is Action, and before that a plan. What is it that needs to be achieved? Who are the right people to invite to brainstorm goals, processes and plans? Where can we collaborate to bring ideas into reality? What is our timeline? How are we going to define, verify and measure our successes, failures, and lessons learned? How are we going to incorporate evidence based decisions that lead to measurable impact? And how will we celebrate? And because this is Rotary, how do we have fun while making it happen? 


This will be an ongoing intentional process of testing theories and seeing what works and what doesn’t as we find our most effective place in the fight to end human trafficking. Currently we are on year 2 of our 3 year Strategic Plan where we, as a group, decided to focus on prevention through education by engaging local communities and creating partnerships with existing non-profits to roll out proven programming. Through the leadership of Michael Podolny we are refining our initial plans to include:


Building our international connections through membership, satellite clubs, and international partnerships. 


Promoting non-profits that measure their social impact and make evidence based decisions and program improvements as a result of those outcomes. Where they do not follow these practices, we hope to become a resource to help them get there.


Continuing to disrupt the status quo.


Focusing on one of the key drivers of slavery - that is, poverty - through economic development.


The Board is currently reviewing our club’s bylaws and Strategic Plan incorporating what we have learned over the last 2 years and focusing on where we want to be. We expect to continue this process of making incremental changes as we learn and grow. Many thanks to those who have worked on task forces, the Programs & Projects committee and the Board for your hard work and dedication. It is your ideas, thoughts and feedback that have led these changes and are integral to our success. 


Next month’s President’s letter will focus on how YOU can engage and make a difference.


Moving intention into Action,
Michelle Seets
Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking President, 2022-2023