(NewsNation) — Human trafficking and transnational crime transcend borders, constituting what the United Nations describes as “a crisis within a crisis.”

Humanitarian issues are worsening amid Russia’s war in Ukraine, leading to problems with human and weapons trafficking. The U.N. notes that the majority of refugees, primarily women and children, fleeing the war are now facing exploitation. 

Jim Fuda, vice chairman of Crime Stoppers Global Solutions, said the organization introduced the anonymous tip app through a crime stoppers program in Seattle in November 2017. He highlights that it observed an overnight quadrupling of tips and more than doubled arrests. This success prompted Fuda to create the TCI Tips App and implement a similar program abroad. 

“We picked human trafficking, terrorism, illicit trade, arms dealing, drug smuggling, cybercrime and bank fraud — brought it to Serbia,” Fuda said. “Took two years to build the trusted relationships … here in Seattle in February 2020, to learn the operational side of things, and then COVID hit. So, we’ve been back reestablishing those connections.”https://www.newsnationnow.com/crime/fbi-finds-200-sex-trafficking-victims-including-59-missing-kids/