Posted by Matt Friedman

Since I began posting on LinkedIn, many people have messaged me to say, ‘I really want to do something to help address the human trafficking issue. I want to make a difference.’


They then ask, ‘What are the next steps?’


My response is often: ‘Now that you’ve decided to move forward, accept responsibility, surrender, develop a plan to help and just do it.’


I’d like to share some simple actions. Despite what most people might think, each of these small actions add up:


- Share relevant articles and stories about human trafficking on your social networking platforms

- Send letters to encourage government officials to place priority on identifying and addressing the human trafficking issue in your community

- Write a simple article or opinion piece for the local paper offering your insight about the relevance and importance of this topic

- Continue to learn about the topic and then pass this information on to your friends, co-workers and family through simple discussions

- Make a presentation or show a film on modern slavery at your company, school, club, or another community event

- Be a responsible consumer. Many companies have statements on their websites regarding their anti-human trafficking efforts. Go online and congratulate those that do. If such a statement doesn’t exist, suggest that they add one

- Raise money or donate to an NGO that works on this problem. A small amount of money to the right organization can really make an impact

- Learn the signs of a potential trafficking scenario and report any suspicious observations to the human trafficking hotline number in your area

- Volunteer for a local organization. This can be done by working at an NGO office. If you choose to volunteer from home, you might be asked to do simple Internet searches to collect relevant information.


Depending on your talents and schedule, you could think of other small acts. Many websites offer similar lists that encourage a person to get involved. Googling this can be another effective way to generate ideas. Each action taken out of your comfort zone is heroic.


One way to ensure that you complete the activities you set out to do is to develop a simple plan. I find I’m more likely to achieve results when I make a “to-do list”. There is something about seeing a list in a notebook or on a screen that urges a person to act.


These small, heroic actions can be a great source of personal growth.


I sometimes tell others of my plan and ask them to check in on me to ensure I follow through. These friends keep me accountable. This can also be a two-way arrangement, where both agree to ensure the other achieve their goals. 


The world will not heal itself. We all can play a key role in this process of helping those in need. Decide to act, make a plan, and just do it. It’s that simple. 


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