Posted by Michelle Seets

One of our Strategic Plan objectives is to encourage and support economic stability in areas that are at high risk for human trafficking. One of our endorsed organizations, Her Future Coalition (HFC), does exactly that via their jewelry program. HFC purchases then resells jewelry made by at-risk women then uses the earnings to repeat the process. This supports the jewelry business of trafficking survivors as well as at-risk girls and women in India and Nepal. Metalsmithing and jewelry design is one of the many options that falls within HFC’s job training program:

“Vocational Training, combined with life skills and financial literacy training, give women a pathway to become financially independent and less vulnerable to being exploited. They gain the power and agency to make choices for their own lives – often for the first time in their lives. Economic independence enables women to overcome stigma, move out of shelters, and support themselves and their children, breaking the cycle of poverty and intergenerational trafficking” – Taken from the HFC website

Are you interested in sporting trafficking survivors?

Are you interested in supporting businesses that keep women and girls from being trafficked in the first place?

Are you interested in a potential fundraiser for your club or group?

Then consider initiating this project in your community. Jewelry can be purchased through Her Future Coalition then resold by a club at a gala or other existing event. Rotary clubs are given a 20% discount off of the labeled price making this a potential fundraiser for the club as well as a wonderful way to support at risk girls and women.

Ready to place your order? SHOP HERE and use ROTARY20 for 20% off during check out. If you want more information, contact Rotarian Robin Singer at

The HFC jewelry program has been operating for more than a decade and keeps girls free from being trafficked or re-trafficked in red light and high-risk areas.

Take this step and make a positive difference.