From ideas to action
Jan 13, 2022 7:00 AM
Matt Friedman
From ideas to action

Small acts multiplied by millions of people can help change our world. Matt Friedman, the founder of the Be the Hero Campaign, is a humanitarian professional who was formerly employed by the United Nations and the US government, and has lived and worked in more than 40 countries. He has come to realize that if those who work on the world’s problems could solve them, they would. But the fundamental truth is that they simply can’t because the task is well beyond what a few thousand people can fix. Crises like climate change, poverty, modern slavery, and refugees require an army of united people – people who care enough to be the change. 

Friedman believes that collective actions of ordinary people have the greatest chance of effecting a real transformation. He considers everyone who volunteers, no matter how big or small the gesture, to be heroic. 


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