Done in a Day.
There are many ways to make a difference. We are all familiar with the grand campaigns and projects that garner lots of press, but smaller actions can lead to positive results too and that is what I will focus on today.
As a part of our club meetings we will include “Done in a Day” actions. These are simple tasks that we can all complete, and by combining our efforts, we can shift things in a positive direction. Are these as impactful as larger, more grand projects? Yes! Both have value and will be supported by our club.
First, how Small Actions make a difference.
Psychology. It turns out humans do well with short term goals. We all like having clear milestones and pathways to success. These are easy wins that lead to short term achievements which keep us engaged and motivated.
Habit. There are 3 components to creating a habit. The first is a trigger - the cue to take an action. The next is to have a routine. 40-45% of decisions are actually just routines. The final component is a reward. We will make taking action a habit by doing something. Cues will occur at our meetings to make Done in a Day actions routine. Then we will lock habits into place by celebrating the results.
Community. Where appropriate we will break into smaller groups to work on our Done in a Day actions. This will strengthen our club’s community by allowing everyone to get to know each other better, learn together and become part of the larger Club Team. We will create synergy with our combined wins and better understanding of how we can work together.
Network. With a number of our Done in a Day actions we will engage our networks. As we all do this our successes and ideas will spread. Others will learn more about our fight to end human trafficking and will be primed to do more.
Influence. As our networks learn and grow, we will expand our influence. Like a ripple in a pond, actions lead to more actions. Those who are busy often shy away from Big Plans of action, but by passing along easy wins, we can get others on board and inspired.
Finally, people are drawn to success. They want to be a part of something that is thriving and growing. As we share our actions people will hear more and more about what we are up to, and we will draw others into the fight. As we share achievable actions, connect and communicate, others will take note, and their barriers to action will drop.
Any step in the right direction makes a difference and has an impact. It can help you shift your habits and keep you motivated. It can help you connect to others who are on the same path which might help you build your team. You will gain information, learn and grow. With each step you take the monumental mountain in front of us can become more understood and surmountable. You can embrace that you are a part of the solution.
Next month’s President’s letter will focus on our larger goals and plans.
Moving intention into Action,
Michelle Seets
Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking President, 2022-2023