It is a beautiful Sunday afternoon in October here in Minnesota.  My husband and I just spent the afternoon enjoying the beautiful autumn colors which are past their prime but still provide a vibrant landscape of color.
Fall is my favorite season because, to me, it is the season to slow down a bit as we anticipate winter and to cherish things that are most important to us. 
It is the same with our club.  We have done amazing things in our first year as a new club and now it is time to focus on the priorities established by our strategic plan.
For this reason, I wanted to refresh our memories of the great plan that all of you created last spring:
The mission of the Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking – an international network of Rotarians – is to end the humanitarian crisis of human trafficking by engaging partners and local communities across the world.
We believe….
  • Ending Human Trafficking will require a well-organized approach against a well-organized infrastructure of traffickers.
  • Rotary is uniquely positioned to end human trafficking through its ability to pull organizations together for a common humanitarian cause.
  • Human Trafficking is preventable through education, legislation, and advocacy.
  • Effectively engaging local communities is essential to ending human trafficking.
  • Partnering with other organizations increases our capacity to impact change and end human trafficking.
Our strategic priorities through 2025:
  1. We will develop educational and prevention programs and projects to  be replicated at the local level.
  2. We will develop key strategic partnerships to facilitate implementation of programs at a local level.
    (e.g. education: elementary, high school, packaged programs, resources)
  3. We will build organizational capacity through membership growth and infrastructure to expand the club initiatives at the local level.
  • We will engage minimum of 5 additional Rotary Clubs or Rotary Districts each year as partners in local implementation.
  • We will consistently grow our membership and capacity by 24 new members each year.
  • We will retain 90% of members annually.
  • We will offer only high-quality and credible programs and projects.
  • We will add at least 1 key strategic partnership each year.
  • We will expand the capacity of the website to reflect the geographic areas represented by our club membership and District partners (create a section/module for each state and country represented by our club/partners)
In the coming months, I will update you on the progress we are making in each of our strategies and objectives.