Summer in Minnesota and we have several reminders of how little we control things.  We have been experiencing tremendous smoke from the Canadian wildfires.  The smoke has been so bad that we have been encouraged to stay indoors.  We are also experiencing a spike in COVID and are being asked to take measures which feel like we are taking a step or two backwards.  This is all during our short summer when Minnesotans spend as much time outside as possible
These things have provided a good lesson in living with things we can’t control but also appreciating small steps of progress-with COVID, we have vaccines so we will not go back to the very scary place we were in last year. 
As we look to our Rotary Club, we know that Ending Human Trafficking is going to be a long journey.  We need to celebrate our accomplishments-even if they are small knowing that each step brings us a little closer to victory over this evil.
But we need all your assistance and engagement.  Through the discussions around the strategic plan, you suggested the need for additional committees.  The committees identified include:
  • Partnerships and Projects
  • Fundraising -
  • Communications-
  • Vetting Ending Human Trafficking Resources
Please reach out to either Michelle Seets or me if you have not signed up for one of these committees.  We are also looking for chairs for each of these committees so let me know if you would be interested in leading one of these important committees.  As Janet suggested at our last meeting, our club can only be successful with your engagement!
I look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on August 12.