Feb 09, 2023
Audrey Moore
Preventing Human Trafficking in Warzones

Audrey has dedicated her life to shedding light on human trafficking and the injustices taking place in our world — especially in conflict zones. She attended the University of Delaware where she received a Bachelor of Science in Education. After graduation she moved to Belgium with the Young Adult Service Corp to work with international students and refugees throughout Western and Eastern Europe. While living in Europe, she learned of the horrors of human trafficking firsthand when a children’s home she had been volunteering at was exposed as a front for prostitution. At the time she was a charter board member for the organization which helped to close down the home. In an effort to rescue vulnerable children before experiencing the trauma of trafficking, Audrey has worked since 2005 to support the foundation and expansion of the only indigenously directed anti-trafficking network that today spans Sudan and South Sudan. In 2018, Audrey became CEO of Lift Up the Vulnerable and leads the mission of preventing trafficking and empowering changemakers in war-torn communities. Learn more at: liftupthevulnerable.org and connect with Audrey at https://www.linkedin.com/in/audrey-walters-moore/