Local and global responses to human trafficking
Jun 08, 2023
Sharon Jacques, Kneath Heard, Saron Chan
Local and global responses to human trafficking

Sharon Jacques is the Operations & Development Director from Chab Dai.


Based in UK, Sharon works with the Chab Dai teams in the UK, US and Cambodia and is also a member of the Secretariat of the Global Learning Community (GLC) project. The GLC began as a Chab Dai project in 2012 and grew on the work of the Cambodian Coalition project, to build a coordinated and informed anti-trafficking movement, on a global scale. 


Kneath Heard is the Chab Dai’s Interim National Director


Originally from Bristol, UK, Kneath has been based in different parts of Asia for the past 14 years, including South Korea, China, Malaysia and now Cambodia. During that time he has held positions in programs, strategy development, Managing and Executive Director roles and worked with a wide range of communities, including rural youth, urban refugee populations and survivors of human trafficking.


Saron Chan is the Senior Manager for Government Liaison and Legal Support Project. He has been working closely with Anti-Human Trafficking Police national and international governments on cross border trafficking cases of investigation/coordination and rescuing survivors from abusive situations and repatriation from Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and China.