Oct 28, 2021 7:00 AM
Leena Kejriwal
MISSING Public Art Project

In 2014, Leena Kejriwal launched MISSING Public Art Project to engage the public on the issue of sex trafficking. It was launched as a public art work, at the India Art Fair and immediately caught the eye of many international and national media through its installations. The project also went viral on social media, gathering us thousands of supporters empathizing with the cause. This led to our stencil campaign and a successful crowdfunding exercise making the Missing Project for the people, by the people. It also made people think about trafficking and its detrimental effect on the social fabric of our country.

The silhouette became a national symbol of millions of missing girls trafficked everyday, never to be found.

Today, the project is growing rapidly with the formation of the Missing Link Trust. Understanding the way people engage and retain information, we combine art and technology to reach out in innovative ways, be it our MISSING game, murals or the interactive digital comics. At Missing Link Trust, we believe that with the right tools and resources, everyone has the power to become anti-trafficking catalysts in the society.


E-mail president@endHTrotaryclub.org to request the meeting link.