Jun 10, 2021 7:00 AM
Arjan Erkel

Arjan is a co-founder of Free a Girl. Two million children around the world, mostly girls, are trapped in sexually exploitative situations. They are locked up and exploited in brothels, massage parlors or garages, among other places. Free a Girl is campaigning hard to rescue these children. We make every effort to ensure that their exploiters are brought to justice. 

Arjan was working as Head of Mission for “Doctors without Borders,” when rebels kidnapped him in the Republic of Dagestan. He spent 607 days in a dark cage measuring five feet by six feet with nothing but insects and rodents as cell mates. It was during those days and nights that his hopes and beliefs were tested in ways that few will ever experience.

You will be inspired by what Arjan endured while being held captive.  It’s the kind of true story that changes people’s lives for the better because it teaches by his powerful example of overcoming the odds.


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